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New: Gratitude Wall

Recently members were asked to express things for which they are grateful at St. John's. The following were some of their responses:

·         The love and caring among our members.

·         Although our parish is rather small, we all work together to provide spiritual support to one another in our endeavors.

·         We are still here; corporate worship redefining us, yet moving forward.

·         We keep going! (during covid-19).  We look forward, not backwards.

·         During this time of social distancing, we have worked together to upgrade our networking and produce virtual service and  Bible studies for our congregation.

·         We are proud that we all feel accepted and included in our church.  Differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, and economic class don’t seem to make a difference.

·         Our individual strengths complement one another and accommodate our individual weaknesses. 

·         The long history of our place of worship. We are a historic church in a small historic town and one of the oldest in the diocese. Established in 1887.

·         Our beautiful and prayerful worship service.

·         Our church is very well maintained.

·         For the continued financial and personal support during this unusual year.