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Parish Life
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  Parish Priest - The Reverend Kenneth W. Taber             *** Father Ken's Message***
Father Ken has been a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church, mostly in small, family size churches like the size of St. John's. He grew up in Southern California serving as an acolyte and leader in his Youth Group, earning the Eagle Scout rank and the God and Country Award in the Boy Scouts of America. He moved to Maryland where he again served as an acolyte, was cofirmed by the Bishop of Maryland who, ten years later, ordained him as a Deacon and Priest. He attended college in New Hampshire and entered Virginia Theological Seminary immediately after graduation. His first church leadership was serving five years as an Assistant Priest in two urban churches in Baltimore and Greensboro NC. His first rectorship was outside Richmond VA building a new church from scratch to full self support in eight years. He then served 12 years as Rector of a corporate size congregation with a full staff of six in Stratford CT. He moved to Grand Rapids, MI in 1988 where he married his wife, Connie, and helped raise his stepson. In Michigan he served four different small family size churches as Priest-in-Charge over 27 years. Connie is a retired Human Resources Director, and they live in Hudson, FL.


Senior Warden - Sally Sperling

The primary responsibility of the Senior Warden is to act as a liaison between the Parish Priest and the congregation. The Senior Warden acts as counsel and/or advisor to the Parish Priest. Parishioners look to the Senior Warden for leadership, and as an enabler and communicator. The Senior Warden’s commitment will make things happen and bring the parish together in support of common goals.

Junior Warden - Sybil Patterson
The Junior Warden is appointed annually by the Vestry. This warden’s responsibility is for the care and on-going maintenance of the church buildings and grounds. This includes contractural agreements for heating and air conditioning, pest control, lawn mowing and grounds upkeep and all building and equipment repair.

Treasurer - Marian Vignali
The Treasurer is appointed by the Vestry and is responsible for ensuring the proper handling of all receipts, seeing that all bills are paid in a timely fashion and proper records are maintained, and providing monthly financial reports to the Vestry. The Treasurer arranges for an annual audit of church financial records and prepares an annual budget for Vestry approval. The Treasurer is supported most directly by the detailed work of the Parish Administrator.

Parish Secretary - Rebecca Curnutte
Rebecca Curnutte serves in this part-time position to provide St. John’s with critical administrative responsibilities and communication, financial accountability and oversight of internal audit of church financial records, office operations, completion of all required Diocesan documents, and public relations leadership within a pastoral church setting. The Parish Secretary functions as the Parish Priest and Vestry’s right hand and as a vital liaison to the parish family and larger community.

You may reach Rebecca or Fr. Ken at the St. John’s Church Office at 352-796-9112.
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